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Frequently asked questions

Is a wrist donut heavy to wear?

No. The average weight is only 23 grams - which could be one of reasons why most people forget that they are wearing one. By comparison a wrist watch weighs around 110 grams.

Why should the wrist donut be more comfortable than a mouse mat or keyboard wrist rest?

There are three main reasons:

  1. The ergonomics of the design. The wrist donut has been designed to physically conform to the contour of the user and rests the wrist joint by supporting the lower palm so is always where the user needs it to be to cushion and level the wrist.  Its crescent design allows the hand to naturally roll outwards when using a mouse, taking pressure away from the carpal tunnel.
  2. The wrist donut constantly cushions; supports and levels the wrist, reducing flexion in the wrist joint. In addition, by cushioning the lower carpal bones it forms a cushioning ‘bridge’ which helps to alleviate pressure from area of the carpal tunnel, which is also extremely comfortable.
  3. The wrist donut gives you freedom of movement and the flexibility to work in the most comfortable position you choose, as opposed to having to conform to a fixed position dictated by the location of a traditional desk mounted wrist rest.

 Which size Original wrist donut should I get? My wrist measures 18 cms, which I see can be either the medium or the large size

We would recommend the medium. This is because you need to slightly stretch your wrist donut to get the snug, comfortable fit. As your wrist is the minimum size for a large, when stretching to fit, the top fastening would over-reach and extend beyond the underneath fastening. 

What material is the wrist donut made from?

The wrist donut is made with a specialist, breathable fabric which is double bonded and Original wrist donuts have a Gortex layer. It has non-allergenic properties and is made in the U.K. to be worn next to sensitive skin. The spongy, stretch qualities make it perfect for cushioning and hugging the wrist and it is soft to the touch yet very hard wearing – it does a lot of miles around your desk!

What is a wrist donut filled with? 

The cushioning is provided by Polyester Hollow Fibre conforming to BS5852/2. It is soft yet resilient and if manipulated with the fingers can be plumped up and even repositioned.

Is the wrist donut washable? 

Yes.  The wrist donut is machine washable at 30 degrees Centigrade delicate cycle. We recommend that you fasten it and put it in a wash bag before it goes into the machine to protect other items from being damaged by the hook and loop fastening. It can also be sponge cleaned or hand washed with care. 

Where can you buy a wrist donut? 

The wrist donut is available direct from ourselves and also