About wrist donut

Made for your wrist, not your desk


Unlike a traditional static mouse pad or keyboard wrist rests, all of the products within the wrist donut range are patented ergonomic wrist rests that are made for your wrist - not for your desk and so support your wrist joint without restricting your movement.

Whether you would like relief from the pain of RSI or simply a more comfortable way of working with your computer, the wrist donut can really help.



Unique, patented design

The unique ergonomic design of the wrist donut levels, supports and cushions the lower palm against any hard surface, no matter how small, yet is as restrictive as wearing a watch or a bracelet. In fact it is so comfortable and lightweight (weighing less than 30 grams) that when fitted correctly people have a tendency to forget they are wearing them.


Complete freedom of movement

Plus, there's a big bonus. Because the wrist donut is worn on the lower palm, it allows you complete freedom of movement for your hands, arms and shoulders allowing you to work in a comfortable, flexible position of choice - no longer confined to the fixed working position of a wrist rest on the desk.

The wrist donut is made in the South West of England and conforms to Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC.

Original wrist donut

The Original wrist donut has been bringing comfort and relief to computer users around the world since 2007.

Combo wrist donut

The Combo wrist donut is a variation of our Original wrist donut product and has been designed specifically with our Business Customers in mind and perfect for anyone not sure of their exact size.

Gamer wrist donut

The wrist donut optimised for gaming providing comfort and freedom of movement. Wider than the Original wrist donut making it perfect for logos or personalisation.

Designer wrist donut

The Designer wrist donut is the glamorous sister of the Original wrist donut. The range has been created especially for those you who crave a bit of sparkle.