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Absolutely brilliant product... it cushions my wrist and takes away the pain.


Buying for business

More and more Health and Safety Professionals are finding wrist donut to be an extremely effective aid in the prevention and treatment of WRULDs, offering a lot of benefits and advantages to both employees and employers.

Buying wrist donut for a business

Combo Wrist Donut for BusinessBecause we offer offline payment options for BACS and Cheque in addition to online payment we are able to comply with our business customers' procurement procedures.

  • Buy online using a Credit or Debit Card
  • Place an order online and make a payment by BACS. (Please use your Company Name and Postcode as the payment reference.)
  • Print and post an order with a cheque

Alternatively we will be pleased to provide you with a proforma invoice when ordering by other means, e.g. faxed Company Purchase Order. Whichever method you choose, your receipted invoice will be sent with your order. 

Please note that to help make trialling the wrist donut more cost effective for you, we will credit the difference in unit price for a small initial order against a subsequent larger order.

Corporate branding

With the choice of embroidery or print transfer, the wrist donut offers a practical opportunity for organisations to provide employees and clients with the benefits of the personal wrist rest whilst at the same time promoting corporate identity. Please contact us for a quotation.