Original wrist donut

The original personal wrist rest


The original personal wrist rest

The original wearable wrist rest

The Original wrist donut has been bringing comfort and relief to computer users around the world since 2007.

Original wrist donut size guide*:

Small - To fit wrist circumference 11-15cm (4.5"-6")
Medium - To fit wrist circumference 15-18cm (6"-7")
Large - To fit wrist circumference 18-21cm (7"-8.25")  

Non standard sizes can be custom made to order.  

Colours Available*:

  • Black

It is really important that you measure your wrist to ensure that you order the correct size. We know that it can be a little fiddly so we have tried to make it nice and easy by creating the wrist donut wrist measurer! Just print it, cut it out and measure around your wrist joint as close to your hand as possible.

*In addition to the stock colours, the wrist donut can be manufactured to meet any colour specification. A minimum order size will apply where fabric has to be dyed.


Established in 2007

Our original and iconic wrist donut has been around since early 2007 and seven years on, the Original wrist donut is now bringing comfort and relief to computer users all over the World.



Our story

The Original wrist donut was developed to fulfil the need of the product's founder Maggie Andrews who, on starting a new job, was not supplied with a wrist support and was taking her own in from home every day. Maggie realised that there must be a more practical solution to a static wrist rest... and from this thought, the idea of the wrist donut was born!



The results

After a year of development wrist donut was launched. We have been inundated with hugely positive feedback from our customers ever since - with a number telling us that the wrist donut has actually enabled them to return to work after long term absence due to RSI.