The benefits & advantages of wrist donut

Wear your wrist support

The wrist donut provides superior comfort without compromising freedom of movement and when compared to the benefits of desk mounted wrist rests the wrist donut has some very significant advantages:


Wrist Donut Benefits

Advantages to users:

  • Cushions, levels and supports the wrist joint and lower palm of the hand for optimum comfort.
  • Always where it is needed - 'on hand' to cushion and protect the wrist against any hard surface - regardless of size.
  • Non restrictive because the user is able to work in a comfortable position of personal choice, as opposed to conforming to the fixed position of a desk mounted wrist rest.
  • Allows freedom of movement for hands, arms and shoulders.
  • Non obstructive - does not get in the way of other tasks, e.g. writing; using a calculator or telephone.
  • Can be used with a Laptop - the wrist donut provides a cushioning support between the wrist and whatever it may rest on, at any angle, even the edge of a desk or the corner of a Laptop.
  • Provides comfort even where the work area is limited, e.g. work stations, computer tables, counters, etc.
  • Frees up valuable work space.
  • Hygienic - Machine washable at 30°C
  • Once on the wrist the wrist donut can rarely fall on the floor!

Advantages to employers:

  • Provides employees with the benefits of a conventional desk mounted wrist rest plus the advantages for the user as indicated.
  • Provides the opportunity for wrist support to employees who previously have been unable to enjoy the benefits of a desk mounted wrist rest due to the type of equipment they use or lack of space, e.g. Laptop and work station users, etc.
  • Perfect PPE for mobile workers and hot deskers.
  • Cost effective alternative to providing a mouse mat wrist support and a pair is a cost effective alternative to providing separate wrist rests for mouse and keyboard.
  • Provides the perfect opportunity for corporate branding.
  • Reduces desk clutter and so improves desk/office appearance.