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wrist donut is a completely new concept and feedback is especially important in helping us to ensure that it is the very best that it can be.

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Very useful piece of kit for the computer user. I am very pleased so I ordered another one for the other wrist.

I would recommend these to my friends and colleague at work
Tracey Jack
I bought my wrist donut as the heel of my hand is extremely sore following carpal tunnel surgery. I wanted something to keep my hand from rubbing on the desk whenever I used the computer. I have tried the donut at home over the weekend and at work today and found it very helpful. It stops the rubbing and also the padded section makes my wrist more comfortable as I have been holding it at an awkward angle to avoid the soreness on my hand. I've had several comments from colleagues already who have said what a good idea it is so once again thank you!
S. Templeton, Durham
Very Comfy, makes gaming alot more comfy and enjoyable! thanks WD!
Really comfortable for long gaming stints on the computer! Would recommend to all, not necessarily only those with wrist problems/pains.
Just wanted to say.. I used the wrist donut at a gaming event in August and it was really comfy. It didnt get in the way of anything, 10/10!
Great product, helps gamers support their wrists in a trendy way and enables you to play for so much longer!
I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been in such pain in my wrists, so I decided to buy a mouse mat wrist rest, but it didn't help. Then by chance, I happened upon the wrist donut, which is the complete answer to my prayers. What's more, it arrived within a day or so. I am amazed at the comfort and support it provides and it's beautifully made. Thanks so much and may God bless you.
L. Watson, Devon
Thanks for your email, and thanks for the donut which arrived earlier this week. Now I've had a chance to try it out, I can say I really like it. My wrist doesn't hurt now after using the mouse for a while, and I forget I'm wearing it :-) It's much better than a wrist-rest attached to a mouse pad. (I don't like mouse-pads anyway, as I always end up running off the edge of them!)
T. Moye, Devon
The best product I have used to help with my RSI. I have been using wrist donut for nearly 3 years and no painful wrists. Great Product!
H. Duncan, Cambridgeshire
Thank you... I'm enjoying using my wrist donut and I can definitely feel a difference in my hand - I'm not in so much discomfort.
S. Harkness, Edinburgh
Thank you... The wrist donut has certainly made a big difference. I am still get-ting a few aches in my wrist, particularly now at the end of the week (I work full-time with a lot of mouse work on Excel spreadsheets), but the pain I had previ-ously has gone. I hope my hand will continue to improve.
G. Sheppard, Wiltshire
Absolutely brilliant product! Recently developed a pain in my wrist after years of using a mouse and tried various wrist supports but found them very limiting and frustrating. This product is so comfortable I often forget to take it off for lunch and at the end of the day! It cushions my wrist and takes away the pain. Both product and service from the company are brilliant and cannot be faulted.
C. Banks, Cambridge
Well received with thanks and it seems to really work for me; I have had less carpel tunnel and RSI since just the few days I have been using it, thank you so much for inventing this product!
J. Orry, Kent
Hi - just to thank you for such good customer service and an excellent product! - a real life saver!
J. Stibbs, Leicestershire
Just wanted to let you know that I received my wrist donut earlier this week. I am very happy with it & have purchased 2 more of them today so that I can have a spare one for work & home.

I have a wrist injury affecting the carpal bones. It was caused by pressing my wrist constantly into the table/mouse pad when doing repetitive computer mouse work. The wrist donut keeps my wrist straight & prevents it from pressing into the table.

I also like the material of the wrist donut - it is soft & comfortable, unlike some wrist braces that are very hard in texture.

Thank you very much for making the wrist donut available for sale.
A. Taylor, NSW, Australia
Bought the wrist donut as I was having pain while writing building up to an exam period. After a week the pain disappeared. Great product, fits well and feels comfortable.
A Roth, Middlesex
A little more than a week in and you can chalk up another satisfied customer!

Wearing a donut on each wrist is a great help when I'm doing a lot of typing on my laptop; the donuts prevent the insides of my wrists chafing against the edge of the PC.

When I'm using my tiny netbook on the round dining room table, I use 2 donuts on one wrist - the one attached to the mouse hand. This way, my wrist can roll naturally as I move the mouse without discomfort against the arc of the table edge. Simples! If only I'd found out about it sooner. I will be recommending to friends that they stop eating donuts and start wearing them!
Helen Casey, Ilford
I already have a wrist donut but have left mine at home for use on my home office PC. It's like waiting for Xmas waiting for the new one to arrive - they make such a difference. I do not suffer from any wrist ache at all when wearing it and I am aware of every minute I work without it!!!
K. McGee, Durham
I've used the wrist donut for a couple of days now and I won't be going to work without it ever again! It's fantastic - so comfortable to wear you don't even realise you have it on. I will definitely be recommending this to friends and colleagues.
S. Haddow, Surrey
After just 5 minutes, I realised what a brilliant idea these wrist donuts are! They make typing and using the mouse very comfortable and now after a day or so of using them, I don't have any wrist pain at the end of the day.
I have been using the wrist donut since November 2011. Without it, I would not have been able to continue full-time work. It is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone.
G. Sheppard, Salisbury
A brilliant idea - so much better than fixed wrist rests - as no one keeps their hand in the same place all the time. Great for a hotdesking office too - just pop them in your hot box. Simple and very effective - highly recommended.
Amazon Customer
Fantastic item that immediately helped with CT pain, no more pain or tingling fingers for me! Seller emailed me immediately upon purchase to confirm despatch, super fast delivery and protective wrapping.

Would certainly recommend this item to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy fix to the pain associated with over use of a mouse.
Amazon Customer
I only bought one wrist donut to test it out, all I can say is, I will be placing an-other order next payday for my other wrist! The wrist donut is excellent. I had my name put onto the donut and the quality is fantastic! Delivery was also very fast! and the comfort is just unbelievable. If you're having wrist pain issues or want to prevent them, I would certainly recommend a wrist donut.
Guy, Newcastle
Ordered a wrist donut yesterday. Received it today. Great service. As soon as I put it on my wrist, I felt the benefit. The corner of my hand was getting swollen with leaning constantly on the desk. It is now raised off the desk and feels so much more comfortable. Thanks for a great product.
Margery Moffat, Lesmahagow
Just wanted to say thanks very much for sending my order out to me so quickly and to say I'm very happy with my purchase. I received it on Saturday and have been using it ever since, I know it's only been a few days but so far I'm really impressed with it. It's very easy to put on (basically if you can handle a watch strap then it's much the same) and provides me with lots of support without being uncomfortable. Previously I had been using a mouse pad with a gel wrist support and whilst this was fine at first, I soon found that I was constantly batting the mouse up against it and after a while I started getting a pain in another part of my wrist as I became used to the pad. Anyway, so far the wrist donut feels much better and my mouse movement isn't restricted, in fact it's so comfortable that I often forget I have it on after being off my computer for a few hours, suddenly realise I'm still wearing it! I'll definitely recommend this to other people if they suffer pain in their wrists from RSI etc.
Andrew C, Lancashire
My wrist donuts arrived safely and quickly, thank you. I tried them out for the first time today. My physio tells me I have hurt the tendon in my hand and that this is affecting my ulna nerve (RSI basically from typing all day every day). I was a little disappointed that the injury I have been nursing for several months did not immediately go away the minute I put on my wrist donuts! Ha ha!! Only kidding.

I was in fact impressed with my first day of use. They were very comfortable to wear, and much more convenient than having a keyboard wrist rest and mouse wrist rest cluttering up the desk. By mid-way through the afternoon I realised that my hand was not hurting as it normally would have been by that time. Hope-fully this means that my poor hand will get the rest it needs to heal properly, and the support it needs not to get sore again.

I did feel a bit of a twit walking about the building in my bright red donuts, but I can live with that. Thanks for a great product.
L. Barlow, Liverpool
I would like to thank you for your excellent service - communication is very good and the product I received even better! I have suffered in the past with wrist problems due to doing too much work on my web site! I do not get on with gel mouse mats and find your wrist donut fantastic.

You can rest assured that I will recommend your product to my friends and colleagues.
Debbie Whyman, Alicante
The donuts arrived today and I am very pleased with them. I can immediately feel the difference it has made to my poor wrists! Thank you for such swift and efficient service - I shall recommend you to every computer user I know :)
D. Higman, Plymouth
My new best friend - wonderful invention!
What can I say, this little invention is simple but so effective. I have RSI in my wrist (and developed a callous) and use calculators as well as a mouse most of the day. I did think about getting a gel wrist rest for my mouse but that doesn't help with the calculator. With the wrist donut I can use anything all the time. Brilliant
K. Ham, Berkshire
Just to let you know how happy I am with my wrist donut. I use my PC almost every day but had been working on a photography project on the pc for several weeks for long periods of time. My hand started to get a niggly ache which then went onto full blown pain going up to my elbow. Even after no computer use it came back as soon as I started again. I can honestly say since using the wrist donut for the last week the pain has gone. It took a while to get used to but now I do not even notice that I'm wearing it. I can't believe something so simple could be so effective!! So a huge thank you-I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!!
H. Menzies, Devon
My wrist donut was delivered last week while I had been off work. I have been using it since I returned yesterday and I love it! It has really taken the pressure off of my wrist and there is a great deal of support around the strained and sore areas. I went home last night with a noticeably less aching and swollen wrist! I know it has only been a couple of days but very happy with the results so far.
R. Young, Ayrshire
I am writing to you just to inform you that my wrist donuts fit perfectly well and are great for my wrists. I feel they don't get so tired after having been at the keyboard for a while.
Carmen Albaladejo, Madrid (Translator)
Just to let you know I've been using my donuts for a couple of weeks now and they're fantastic. I love the portability - I can use them at home and when I travel for work, that wasn't possible with my older gel support.
Colette Conway, Glasgow
The wrist donut arrived this morning. I had it sent directly to my niece who has had the most painful wrist. She telephoned to say that she has been able to wear it from the start and it is like a miracle. She has been able to write, something she has not been able to do for a long time. She has been to doctors and more or less told that the pain and shaking was how it was going to continue. Thank you very, very much. Whoever invented this and sells it should be honoured. Thank you soooo much. 10 stars for product and service.
LC, Glasgow