How to wear your wrist donut

The wrist donut has been designed to be worn across the heel of the hand, which not only cushions the carpal bones, but also supports and levels the wrist joint, so that it is in a neutral relaxing position and ensuring that you work with a comfortable, straight wrist, as recommended by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).

Your wrist donut should be a snug fit - but not too tight. It should not feel uncomfortable in any way and so please adjust it if it does. As a guide, wearing it just loose enough to run a finger under it should ensure that it is not too tight and, if preferred, it can then be turned around the wrist so that the flat fastening section is under the wrist when using a pen. Also, you can reposition/adjust the filling by squeezing and manipulating it with your fingers and thumbs.

Here are the three steps to ensure a perfect fit for maximum comfort:


Fasten quite tightly around the wrist joint.

(tighter than feels comfortable for the moment)

Fasten quite tightly around the wrist joint

Stretch it away from your wrist and release.

Stretch away from the wrist

Position your wrist donut across the heel of your hand as illustrated.

It should no longer feel tight. (Please adjust it if it does.)

It should be a close fit, gently cradling the heel of your hand and should be easy to position so that it cushions and protects the lower carpal bones (pulled up at an angle to cushion the pisiform bone) and forms a cushioning ‘bridge’ to alleviate pressure from the area of the carpal tunnel as your hand naturally rolls outwards when using your mouse.

You can machine wash your wrist donut (preferably fastened and in a wash bag to prevent damaging your clothes) at 30C - delicate cycle, sponge clean or hand wash. If required, your wrist donut can be plumped up when dry.

Position your wrist donut