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Combat RSI

Can you add to our selection of documents and websites offering guidance in the prevention and treatment of RSI? If you have any suggestions or tips, or would like to share your own success story to help others please contact us.

RSI guidance documents

Working with VDUs
Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive for users of Visual Display Units (VDUs) and their employers.

Understanding ergonomics at work
Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive for the use of ergonomics in the workplace to reduce accidents and ill health.

Ergonomics of using a mouse or other non-keyboard input device
A report of the findings from a two-year study investigating health problems associated with the use of nonkeyboard input devices. Prepared for the HSE by the University of Surrey and Loughborough University 2002.

RSI guidance websites

RSI awareness
RSI Awareness provides a wealth of information relating to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). There are lots of fact sheets and practical guidance, together with a discussion forum and links to RSI support groups.

RSI-relief is a resource for people to learn about Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It provides educational articles and news covering such topics as RSI symptoms, testing, and treatment, RSI support groups and forums, products to help manage RSI and alleviate RSI symptoms, and information about how to set up your computer and work environment to minimise RSI pain.