Combo wrist donut

The personal wrist rest developed for businesses

The original wearable wrist restThe original wearable wrist restThe original wearable wrist rest
  • The original wearable wrist rest
  • The original wearable wrist rest
  • The original wearable wrist rest

The Combo wrist donut is a variation of our Original wrist donut product and has been designed specifically with our Business Customers in mind and perfect for anyone not sure of their exact size.

In order to simplify ordering and to make it easier to gauge sizes, the Combo wrist donut has been designed to fit dual sizes.

Combo wrist donut size guide*:

Small to Medium
Medium to Large

Colours Available*:

  • Black

It is really important that you measure your wrist to ensure that you order the correct size. We know that it can be a little fiddly so we have tried to make it nice and easy by creating the wrist donut wrist measurer! Just print it, cut it out and measure around your wrist joint.

*In addition to the stock colours, the wrist donut can be manufactured to meet any colour specification. A minimum order size will apply where fabric has to be dyed.



The Combo wrist donut offers the user exactly the same benefits as the Original wrist donut, levelling and cushioning the wrist joint, whilst allowing complete freedom of movement, and therefore enhancing comfort and reducing the likelihood of RSI and upper limb disorders associated with computer use.




The Combo wrist donut also offers a larger area for personalising than the Original wrist donut - perfect for your Company logo or employees name.




The Combo wrist donut is currently only available in black but we hope to bring new colour variations in the coming months.